The Next World

Goblins of the Sea

In this relatively RP-free introductory adventure, the party gathered and met for the first time in the coastal city of Windreach, at the request of Merchant-King Mayor McFluff. They all owed him a favor for helping them obtain a powerful, illegal magical reagent. Once they arrived, McFluff’s shady business associate Don explained to them that they would be working together to locate a pair of notorious goblin brothers who were running a band of pirates along the trade route to Tyrus in the northeast.

During Don’s instructions, a hijacked trade ship arrives with a crew of pirates. The party dispatched the invaders, and found a crude map detailing the location of their hideout was found etched into the ship’s interior wall. After a rest in the Inn, the crew awoke and departed in search of the island hideout with the help of a crew hired by Don.

On the way the crew and party struggled against a storm, but made it through intact. When in view of the island, a departing goblin ship located the party and boarded the ship. Once killed, the party continued to drag their ship to shore and emptied it of its remaining cargo, two potions of cure light wounds and rations. After arriving on the island, they arranged for the crew to return for them in three days if they weren’t back by nightfall. The crew located ruins along the beach and investigated, finding the goblin hideout.

After fighting through a large group of goblin pirates, the party made their way to a small sacrificial chamber with a strangely pristine mural depicting a Yuan-Ti fighting a Naga, and a few pirates waiting for them. When they engaged the enemy, the goblin bosses appeared from behind the stairs to perform a sneak attack. Though surrounded and nearly defeated, Derkmann cast sleep on the grunts and the party regained their advantage, winning the encounter.

To be continued.


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